About Sophie

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I love personal development and psychology- it is my true passion in life! I’m never ending curious on my own development and I sinisterly believe that one of my greatest missions is to inspire others to discover their own path in life.

I have always known that in some way life would guide me to work with my true passion. But that journey was a bumpy road. For so many years I did what I thought was the “right” thing to do, for instance picking the right school and education as well as the right job as a management consultant. I lived a life not true to myself and I suppressed my inner voice for so long.

But today I’m proud to follow my heart! Today I run two companies (Fittlife-Underliv & hälsa, i.e. within vaginal health) as well as High Vibe Mornings (coaching and workshops within personal development and leadership).  I’m happily married and we have two wonderful kids.

Being an entrepreneur, a mum and a wife is an ongoing journey in personal development! Each day I face situations that challenge me and I always try to apply an attitude of gratitude for those situations. Why? Because by facing them and being honest about why they trigger me in some way I learn and grow- and that is what life is all about!

On my blog I share my thoughts, learnings, breakthrough-moments, tools and much more. Welcome in!


Experiences & Education

  • Founder of High Vibe Mornings)
  • Founder of Fittlife (vaginal health)
  • Partner in the management consultancy business  Vadestra Strategy (2010-2016)
  • Profound experience in strategy and business development
  • Author of the book Towards Full Potential; built on interviews with 117 CEO’s in Private Equity-owned businesses
  • Graduate of Stockholm School of Economics (i.e. Handelshögskolan in Stockholm)
  • Certified and active coach
  • Worked in financial consulting, sales, company events etc. 
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